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The Genomic Clinical Decision Support (Genomic CDS) project aims to create and maintain an integrated, ontology-based knowledge base of clinically relevant pharmacogenomic information. This knowledge base is used to implement clinical decision support algorithms for improving quality of care, e.g., for providing drug dosage recommendations and comparisons of the efficacy of different treatment options.

Our work is guided by international standardisation efforts such as the work of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Health Level 7 (HL7).

Recent news and developments

  • Preview of Genomic CDS ontology now available The Genomic CDS ontology (based on OWL2 DL in Manchester Syntax) is available on Google Code. Protege 4 with the TrOWL reasoner plugin is recommended for working with the ontology. genomic-cds.owl contains the main ontology, whereas genomic-cds-demo.owl contains the main ontology and additionally the genetic profile of a patient (which can be used to test the automated classification of the patient).
    Posted Nov 9, 2012, 7:33 AM by Matthias Samwald
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Integration plan